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For Whitney Bloom and her eponymous luxury interior design business, creating inviting spaces that are imbued with style, grace, and sophistication is just one of the ways she connects with her clients. By transforming private residences as well as commercial properties into client-centered spaces, Whitney Bloom combines all of the elements of interior design and transforms them into tailor-made environments.

Whitney Bloom started her career in sales and broadcast news, though she had studied at the New York School of Interior Design. After a decade long sales career, she found herself drawn to interior design in powerful ways. Eventually, she moved down the Eastern seaboard and pursued her dream of creating beautiful spaces in Palm Beach, Florida. Whitney Bloom opened her doors nine years ago and has never looked back.

Our Services

Whitney Bloom Design is committed to creating exceptional, unique designs that complement and narrate each client's lifestyle and personality. From start to finish, Whitney and her team of designers oversee any project of any size from start to finish ensuring client satisfaction.

Luxury Interior Designer Palm Beach

Whitney Bloom Design offers several types of luxurious, unique, and innovative services, all with the goal of creating high-grade, high-class, and high-quality designs.

Luxury is defined in many ways. For some, it is about high-end pieces that not only tell a story, but are likely to last for decades. Others find luxury in designs that are both functional and beautiful. How we define luxury is as individual as we are. Luxury, no matter who is defining it though, must speak to your sense of style and encompass what makes you feel comfortable. And that is where Whitney Bloom Design comes in.


Though some people think of “luxury interior design” as both lavish and self-indulgent, this luxury interior designer in Palm Beach knows that living in a space that meets your aesthetic and functional needs is necessary. Whitney Bloom Design has you covered, whether you are designing bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, or kitchens.


Sometimes you just cannot find the piece of furniture that you know will complete the look you are going for. Whitney Bloom Design can construct custom made pieces that showcase your style and individual tastes, all while complementing your home. If it does not exist, Whitney Bloom Design can make it happen.


Whitney Bloom and her incredible staff can take your design visions from conception to completion. No job is too unconventional for Whitney Bloom Design.


Hotels, offices, building lobbies, and schools can also enjoy stylized designs that allow for practical comfort and magnificent artistry. Interior design is not reserved only for private or residential areas, but the spaces that all of us can share.

Our Projects

To get a glimpse at just some of the work Whitney Bloom Design has done, we encourage you to visit Trump Palace in Sunny Isles, Florida, Palm Beach Country Day School, and any number of private residences in the Palm Beach area. If you plan on venturing to New York City, we hope you will have a look at the Time Warner Center Penthouse, too. And if travel is not on the agenda, you can view our projects online.

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